Estate Cleaning Services are Required When Grandma Retires

It seems like ‘things’ get more and more as we age. It’s difficult to get rid of many items that have sentimental value. Even though Grandma brought the sentimental items, there was still a lot of stuff left behind when she moved to the retirement home. It’s not easy to sort it all. What do you do now?

It is best to call a professional estate cleaner in Annandale, Virginia. A professional removal company can quickly sort through the estate and take away any unwanted items. You can donate Grandma’s belongings to charity, move them to another place like your basement or transport them to the disposal site.

Creating Value for You

Estate services go beyond just removing debris. Expert movers will assess the contents of an estate and determine which items have value. You might be surprised at how valuable some items are to others. They could be a collectible, a recyclable item, or even a part of resale. Even worn or broken items can look like junk, but they have value for a charity, recycler, or repair shop.

People often throw away things when they go to empty houses. Estate cleaners are professionals who know the market and can assess all items in an estate to make sure you don’t accidentally throw away items you could resell or sell for less than their true value. They also have the ability to donate usable items that could be useful to charities.

Family and friends can benefit from estate cleanout services, which include debris removal.

  • Transfer an elderly resident into a retirement or nursing home
  • It is necessary to downsize, which means that a lot of stuff must be disposed of.
  • When a loved one dies, it is possible to move items from a nursing home or retirement home.
  • Clear out hoarders’ homes that are full of trash and collectibles
  • Moving and organizing your household items is more important than just loading them on a moving truck.

A professional commercial junk removal Annandale VA service can help you save a lot of money and time. You may not have enough time to go through all the estate items if you work full-time. Cleaning out an apartment or home requires a lot of physical labor, which can be too difficult for many.

Keep Moving on With Your Life

You can quickly sort, value, and dispose of all items in an estate. With the help of experts, you can move on with your day knowing that the job was done efficiently and quickly.

The estate cleaners can also take care of any debris, collections, or outbuildings that are on the estate. Amazingly, all this can be done for less than what it would cost to rent a large dumpster for one week or more if you were doing it yourself.

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