White-Collar Crime 

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If you have been indicted for a white-collar crime or are currently under investigation, Gary Cutler has the experience in white-collar defense that you need.  As a white-collar prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey for over eight years, Mr. Cutler has the knowledge to obtain the best results for you. He has investigated and prosecuted white-collar crimes such as financial institution fraud, identity theft, tax fraud, environmental crimes and securities fraud. As a private practitioner, Gary Cutler has represented clients in high-profile cases including the WorldCom and Sunbeam accounting fraud cases.

Gary Cutler has also represented clients accused of or under investigation for Medicare and Medicaid fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, grand larceny, tax evasion, mail and wire fraud and identity theft.

Whether the charges are brought by federal or state prosecutors, white-collar cases are often complicated. They can involve numerous transactions with a paper trail that must be analyzed and defended. White-collar cases require intelligence and diligence, Gary Cutler has the training and ability to defend you.

White-collar cases can range from violations of agency regulations to crimes involving fraud or theft. Usually, a case will begin with a notice to the individual or company that a government agency is investigating. The notice may come in the form of a subpoena for documents or to testify. It may also come with an unexpected interview by government agents. It is important to have capable and experienced counsel at this stage to negotiate with the agency and the prosecutor. Often, what an agency believes is a crime turns out not to be so. Agency regulations can be vague or may extend beyond the authority of the agency. Knowledgeable counsel must intervene to convince the government that the law or regulations do not apply to the particular situation being investigated.

After the investigation is completed but has not been resolved satisfactorily to the company's interests, companies and corporations may desire to sign a non-prosecution agreement with the government to satisfy potential charges. Often such an agreement comes with conditions and monitoring dictated by the government. It is important to have experienced counsel to negotiate the terms of a non-prosecution agreement.

The government may also proceed to indictment. At this stage, it is important to have experienced trial counsel. Trial counsel will review what usually amounts to volumes of documents and interview numerous witnesses to analyze the case, arrive at a winning strategy and put up the best defense.

Gary Cutler has the experience as a negotiator and trial attorney to provide you with the best defense at all stages of a white-collar prosecution. Both as a federal prosecutor and a private attorney engaged in white-collar regulatory defense, Mr. Cutler has solid experience in corporate investigations and trial of white-collar cases.

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Bar Membership:

Gary Cutler is active in white-collar bar associations and is currently the co-chair of the Prosecution, Cooperation and Sentencing Committee of the White Collar Sub-Committee of the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association.   

Gary Cutler’s Recent Trials:

Gary Cutler’s recent trials include representation of a defendant accused of conspiracy to defraud the United States, money laundering, mail and wire fraud and failure to file income taxes.  

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