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Gary L. Cutler is a civil and criminal trial attorney practicing in all courts in New York and New Jersey. Mr. Cutler’s practice includes representation of individuals and corporations in civil cases involving commercial disputes and investor disputes. Mr. Cutler also represents individuals and corporations in governmental investigations and those accused of white-collar or general crime. From inception to trial through appeal, Mr. Cutler brings knowledge, experience and dedication to the cases he litigates.   

Mr. Cutler has years of experience in civil litigation. He practiced at some of the top firms in New York. As a former federal white-collar prosecutor for the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey, Mr. Cutler’s civil litigation practice draws on his experience litigating criminal and quasi-criminal matters. His civil practice includes representation against governmental agencies, cases involving allegation of fraud and misrepresentation, investor suits for lost investments, and commercial disputes such as breach of contract and non-compete litigation. Mr. Cutler also acts as local counsel in New York and New Jersey in a variety of cases. 

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Both as a federal prosecutor and as a private defense attorney, Mr. Cutler has solid experience in defending against governmental investigations and white-collar crime charges. The bedrock of every defense is created by a comprehensive investigation of the underlying facts confronting a corporation or its personnel who find themselves the subject of government action. As a private practitioner, Mr. Cutler has defended clients in high-profile SEC and Department of Justice investigations including those relating to the collapse of a large bank in the economic downturn, the WorldCom financial fraud, the alleged Sunbeam financial fraud and Ivan Boesky-related insider trading.

Mr. Cutler also defends clients in a wide variety of general crimes cases. His practice ranges from defense of possessory crimes to property crimes to violent crimes to DWIs and misdemeanors.

Mr. Cutler provides full-service representation. Every client’s situation is important and the client’s case will receive the attention you expect and deserve. Whether your need is for a hard-hitting trial attorney, a smart negotiator or an intelligent and persuasive brief writer, Mr. Cutler has the ability to meet your particular needs.

Gary L. Cutler, P.C.

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