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If you have received a government subpoena to testify before the grand jury or government agency such as the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service or a state agency, you need sound advice on how to conduct yourself during your testimony. Gary Cutler has the experience to advise you.

As a private practitioner, Gary Cutler has represented clients in high-profile investigations by the Department of Justice and the SEC into the collapse of a large investment bank, the WorldCom financial fraud, the alleged Sunbeam financial fraud and Ivan Boesky-related insider trading.  

White-collar crime may often involve violations of regulations involving securities, Medicaid, Medicare or insurance.

In many cases, a white-collar case will start as an investigation by a government agency that may or may not be conducted in coordination with the Department of Justice. You or your company may receive an investigatory subpoena from the agency involved in the investigation such as the Securities and Exchange Commission in the case of financial investigations.

Cases may also be initiated through a search warrant. Search warrants may be used to seize evidence of a crime such as computers, financial records or business records.

As a former federal prosecutor and as defense counsel, Gary Cutler knows how to properly respond to subpoenas for documents or testimony or to search warrants. It is important to have counsel who is experienced in such matters to obtain the best result for you or your company. Gary Cutler also has the experience negotiating with prosecutors. In many instances, criminal prosecutions may be successfully resolved before the case ends in indictment through either a civil settlement or a non-prosecution agreement.

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Often regulatory investigations may involve collateral civil law suits by private citizens such as whistle-blower or class-action lawsuits. Gary Cutler has years of experience defending against private lawsuits that have arisen from government investigations or prosecutions.  

The government may decide that a case, after all, was not worthy of criminal prosecution, but may still proceed civilly seeking to enforce regulations with the possibility of heavy fines and penalties. It is important to have an attorney who can defend you or your company in both a regulatory investigation and a related civil lawsuit. Gary Cutler has years of experience doing this.

Mr. Cutler will go the extra mile for your case to ensure that you obtain the best result for your situation.   

Gary Cutler’s Recent Matters Include
Representation of: 

  • A manager of a healthcare provider in a wide-ranging Medicaid fraud investigation
  • An analyst in an SEC and DOJ investigation into the collapse of a large investment bank
  • A consultant in IRS tax shelter litigation
  • The head of a non-profit in a bank fraud and mail and wire fraud indictment
  • A major accounting firm and its auditors before the SEC and DOJ
  • A small business in an Antitrust Division investigation

If you’re a witness, subject or target of an investigation, you need experienced defense counsel to assist you through the rigors of the government’s investigation. That lawyer is Gary Cutler.   






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