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Federal crime is unique because federal prosecutors, unlike state prosecutors, can pick and choose the cases they indict and have unlimited resources to pursue defendants.  The federal system has sentencing guidelines that can often be unyielding and onerous.  Fortunately, recent trends demonstrate a judiciary that’s willing to vary from the most draconian results. Federal crimes may often involve mountains of evidence including video and audio recordings, boxes of bank documents and numerous witnesses.

The Federal system has its own set of criminal laws. It has its own rules of evidence. It has its own guidelines and practices for sentencing and probation. The Federal system has its own body of case law developed through interpretation by Federal courts. 

If you’re being investigated or have been indicted on federal charges, you need an attorney with experience in the federal judicial system. Gary Cutler was a federal prosecutor for eight years. In that time, he prosecuted numerous federal crimes including drug crimes, environmental crimes, bank fraud, wire and mail fraud, money laundering and identity theft.   

Gary Cutler has experience negotiating with federal prosecutors and federal pre-trial and probation to obtain the best results for his clients.   

Having an attorney who knows the Federal system can be important to the outcome of your case. Each court and each prosecutor’s office has its own nuanced culture and practices. Mr. Cutler will pilot your case through the Federal system utilizing his years of experience with that system.

As defense counsel, Mr. Cutler has represented numerous clients in both white-collar and general crime. His cases have ranged from bank fraud to bank robbery, from drug offenses to property crimes. 

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Gary Cutler’s Recent Federal Matters:

  • A wide-ranging Medicaid fraud investigation against a healthcare provider
  • Charges against a non-profit manager accused of bank, mail and wire fraud
  • Aggravated identity theft
  • Possession of counterfeit access devices
  • Money laundering
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Federal drug charges including importation of controlled substances and possession with the intent to distribute
  • Bank robbery
  • Conspiracy to receive stolen merchandise
  • Career offender issues

Gary Cutler’s Recent Trials Include:

  • Defended an alleged bank robber on charges of conspiracy, bank robbery and use of a firearm during a bank robbery
  • Defended a client accused of conspiracy to defraud the United States through a tax evasion scheme, money laundering, mail, wire fraud and tax evasion 

Gary Cutler also pursues cases through appeal to the appropriate Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Cutler has represented clients on appeal involving sentencing issues, sentencing guidelines and substantive issues arising during trial.


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