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Mr Cutler seeks innovative and cost-effective means to resolve business disputes. Whether the circumstances involve allegations of fraud and misrepresentation, breach of contract or violation of a non-compete covenant, Mr. Cutler has the knowledge and experience to achieve a just solution. Mr. Cutler represents parties in investor suits, limited partnership disputes, contract disputes, securities fraud suits and all other business-related litigation and arbitration. 

Gary Cutler has broad experience in all phases of civil trial work from initial motions through discovery and trial.  He practiced civil litigation and arbitration in several large New York law firms. Gary Cutler was on the trial team that defended a large accounting firm in the WorldCom class-action securities fraud litigation.

Effective, hard-hitting representation is the solution to your business problem.

Gary Cutler’s Recent Matters Include Representation Of: 

  • A limited partner alleging fraud against the general partner of a real estate limited partnership
  • Limited partners alleging ultra vires actions by the general partner of a limited partnership
  • Defendants who were sued by their former LLC for allegedly violating a non-compete, non-solicitation contract
  • An analyst in an employment dispute against his former employer
  • A purported guarantor in a contract action brought by the Export-Import Bank
  • A company suing to recover lost profits against another company, which failed to perform under a contract
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Past Matters Include Representation Of:

  • A large accounting firm in the WorldCom class-action securities fraud suit, the Sunbeam class-action securities fraud suit and other major litigation
  • A subsidiary of a major oil corporation in an arbitration involving a claim of breach of contract
  • A defendant company and employees in a non-compete litigation
  • A defendant company in a copyright violation case

Publications and Presentations:

Gary Cutler has written extensively and made presentations on business law related topics including:

    • Co-author, “New Jersey to Pass Statute Implementing the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative,” New Jersey State Bar Association Environmental Law Newsletter, June 2007
    • “Information Management and Document Retention Policies,” New York State Bar Association Continuing Legal Education program on the “New Federal E-Discovery Rules,” December 6 and 8, 2006.
    • “Corporate Responsibility for Misconduct of Management,” New York Law Journal, November 28, 2006. 
    • “PSLRA Stay Does Not Always Halt the Process,” New York Law Journal, Special Section on Litigation, June 19, 2006. 


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